1) Try Before You Buy Gym Membership

Most fitness clubs including Max Fitness allow fitness conscious people to test out the gym first with a trial pass. Whenever possible, use it. “You never want to enter into a conclusion like this if you’re not sure,” We offer 2 days free trial to our guest members.


2) Location, Location, Location

Location is one major concern when getting a gym membership: you want the gym to be close enough so you can go there quickly by cycling, driving or walking.

And if you find that your preferred gym is far from your location or you are too busy to go to the gym then you can also opt for our Home Personal Training.


3) Try Out Group Glasses


Committing to Group Fitness classes or personal-training sessions helps you stay on track with your goals and assures you make it to the gym on a consistent basis as consistency is the key.

“Group exercise can be a significant prospect of keeping yourself active at the fitness club,” “The group setting is where you participate with other people who often become your buddies at the club.”

We offer more than 20 unique group fitness classes including Zumba, bhangra, step aerobics, spinning/cycling/rpm, Maxfit, Body pump, HIIT, Yoga and many more.

Variety of programmes in group classes helps you keep motivated, enthusiastic which also makes your workout fun and entertaining and trainer ensures you to have correct posture while you workout.


4) Certified Trainers

Another Very important thing to consider before getting a gym membership should be their trainers always look for/ ask them whether your trainer is certified or not, As an exercise requires a honed technique to achieve the desired results and the trainer will only be able to guide you better if he is certified.

There are countless benefits of choosing a certified trainer while you workout over non-certified. Certified trainers can develop a workout routine, guide you better with correct postures which will save you from any injuries, and overall strategy for achieving your fitness goals. We have a team of all international Certified Trainers to provide you with the international certified training.

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5) Dietitian:

dietitian shilpa gupta

The food we eat has a vital impact on our health, according to a number of scientific studies. Changes in diet can help prevent or regulate many health problems, including diabetes, obesity and several risk factors for cancer and heart disease.

Dietitian nutritionists use nutrition and food science to help people enhance their health. Nutrition and dietetic technicians work with dietitian nutritionists to render care and consultation to patients. Both dietitian nutritionists and dietetic technicians may also render comprehensive nutrition education. Both are nationally credentialed/certified and are an integral part of health care and foodservice management teams.

Our Gym Membership also Include a free diet plan from our expert Dt. Shilpa Gupta therapeutic dietitian experience over 4 years in the industry


6) Fitness Testing

Fitness assessment or fitness testing is constituted of a series of exercises that help evaluate your overall health and physical state which further helps in designing effective programme designing which varies on results of individuals fitness test.


7) Do It For Your Health

Above all, consider your gym membership like the great investment that it is. “Avoid joining a fitness centre/ fitness club/ fitness gym as just something you’re going to try and if you don’t like it you won’t do it,”. “Think of it as a long-term lifestyle change.”

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