Why MaxFitness


We at Max Fitness believe that training without a fitness trainer is just like attending a school without a teacher. Keeping that thought in mind, we aim at providing you training with a qualified trainer and support staff, during all your workouts at our gym to guide your efforts in the right direction and make them fruitful.


We take great pride in being a result based Fitness Gym, specializing in International chain of Les Mills certified trainers. We train you in scientifically proven internationally designed group fitness training programs. These programs help you burn approximately 1000 calories in just under one hour.


Max Fitness sets itself apart from the rest of the industry with its unique selling point and also its most important third tenet, which is FUN. As studies suggest, the success rate of our fitness training increases many folds if the element of surprise and fun is added to it. Different fun training programs on daily basis will help you to keep your training fresh and interesting.