Max Home Personal Training


If you are planning for a complete transformation of your body in limited time.

If you are hesitant to workout in gym in front of other people.

If you were always looking for qualified Fitness Trainer.

If you were skeptical to start your workout regime due to injury or medical concern.

Then Max Home Personal Training is definitely for you.

Simple, Quickest and results guaranteed personal training programs.

Quick and Sharp 60

It will only take 60 minutes a day and 180 minutes in a week to Transform your body from fat to fit.


Will ensure your continuous fitness journey in spite of any musculoskeletal injury.

Certified Fitness Professionals

We have team of all international Certified Trainers to provide you the international certified training at your home comfort only.

Back Up Trainer

Your workout should not get affected when your trainer is unwell or has some unavoidable circumstances.

Diet & Nutrition

Our Certified Sports Nutritionist will provide you personalized Nutrition Plan based upon your requirements and fitness goals.

Assessments & Body Composition

We do comprehensive fitness testing & Body Composition Analysis on regular basis to see the difference over a period of 6 weeks

1st Time in Tricity (Chandigarh), Gym Comes Home

Get 1st Session at your Home absolutely FREE!!

Results Speak Louder than Words

Jaspreet Kaur

Max fitness is one of the best gym which is known for its group classes.I love to attend their aerobics class which helped me a lot to loose weight and reached to my desired goal.

Rajnish Dhull

In max fitness they provide best functional traning.Functional fitness helps me alot to fit myself.Its a best gym in mohali.

Jagpreet Singh

Most qualified trainers. They are well qualified and they train according to the need of a person.For sure those who are planning to start their fitness journey,will suggest Max fitness only .

Ankit Khullar

This place is stunning and the trainers are very helpful and professional ..there are numerous activities in max fitness..

Body Transformation with Maxfit

The journey of A Thousand Miles begins with one the Chinese Proverb states. Keeping this philosophy in mind Our Team here at Maxfit works for Your Transformation from the very first step you take into our office.

Our Backstage Team of Chromotherapists ( colour therapists), Heliotherapists( light therapists) and Music therapists are constantly working on making your transformation easy to achieve it and fun to retain it.

The colour combinations, lighting and music...everything is designed specially to create the appropriate atmosphere where you feel welcomed, relaxed, motivated and inspired to take the necessary steps to transform yourself from Inside Out

Our expert panel of Dieticians, Fitness Experts, Coaches, Trainers, Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Nutrition Advisors are all working on a Single-Pointed-Agenda and that is OPTIMUM FITNESS...means fitness on Mental, Physical and Social levels because we belive all decisions, choices and resolutions are made in the mind, followed by body and reflects in our social aspects. So, we work on the cause than on effects.

Our Certified Fitness Trainers are our backbone, who help you by guiding what to do as well as what not to do because we know Knowledge is Power and removing misconceptions and myths is the first step towards becoming powerful

Our most energetic and experienced Bhangra Coaches will make you dance when your body may feel most sluggish and sleepy due to various reasons of your lifestyle...that is the power of their Passion for Bhangra which gets transmuted in you the moment you enter into their class.

Functional Fitness is our USP where our main focus is on fitness for all levels, age groups and lifestyles. Our Eighteen Years of experience in Fitness Industry tells us that the Number One reason of not committing to any kind of fitness regime is that it is not fittining into their, lifestyle, level of fitness, choice of activity or mood and money.

From Personal Training, Home Training, Group Classes, Outdoor Activities to Yoga Classes our Menu is full to cater to your likings and requirements. You Name it We have It

We know Seeing is Believing so our Wall of Honour is chock-o-block with all those Fitness Freaks who have completed the process of Metamorphosis to come out Butterflies from Pupa stage

Its a Treat Come and Watch them...

Happy Transformation

This is the best time for you to make your dream a reality

Enjoy 1st Session at your Home absolutely FREE!!

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