What precautions do you need to take while exercising if you are overweight?


An individual who is carrying extra weight in his body should not treat his body like a person with a standard BMI score does. So he needs to be very careful about his choices of activities and exercises in the gym as well as outside. If one is doing strenuous activities while carrying extra body weight, the chances are he will put extra stress on his joint, which in return does wear and tear of the same and will halt your weight loss journey.


Some times the most common and recommended exercise are the ones which one should avoid for example:-


1. Running: I am sure each and every one your family members or friend would have suggested you or recommended you to start running to lose weight and trusting me this is one of the most effective ways to burn lots of calories
2.Jumping Exercises: Lots of Non- Certified trainers suggest in the gym to do jumping exercises
including, jumping jacks, squat jumps, jumping lunges and many more, which again place
pressure on your joints.


Exercises which will really help you lose weight with minimal risk of injury:


1. Cycling: You don’t have to carry your body weight and still can lose- weight.
2. Cross-Training; An exercise regimen that uses several forms of training to develop a distinct component of fitness.
3. Walk: Pressure comes on both feet as compared to running.
4. Swimming: Currently even weather is suitable for this exercise and can also burn maximum calories with minimal risk of injury as your bodyweight is almost negligible here.
And there are some Group Fitness Classes too which you can consider safe to lose weight if you are overweight.